exterior landscape picture of the entrance to Frontier Texas in Abilene
large sign in the foyer with sculpture
part of the frontier texas visitor center experience
life-size bison being attached by a band of coyote
interactive kiosk with native american guide
Frontier Texas!

Abilene, Texas
The Abilene Visitor Center and Frontier Texas! Museum is housed in a newly constructed building. The Visitor Center serves to introduce visitors to the City of Abilene and the West Texas region. The Frontier Texas! Museum is a 10,000 square foot paid attraction that transports visitors from 21st century Abilene to 19th century West Texas. The story spans 100-years of Texas history from about 1780 to 1880. In order to create a true storytelling experience, seven "Spirit Guides" inform, education, entertain and direct visitors through the Museum and gives them a multi-faceted glimpse into the lives of those who tamed the frontier. The Spirit Guides appear at various stages of the exhibit and help visitors through the main spine of the Museum, called the Frontier Trail. The Museum opened in April 2004 and was produced in about 32 months. It took six months to develop and film the media presentations for Center's story.

Good Fulton Ferrell

Exhibit Concepts, Inc.