3 Center sign
Lab Center sign
elevator sign with stairs in background
library sign
meeting room sign
west center sign
layout of building embedded in glass
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm Research Campus

Ashburn, Virginia
Janelia Farms, a research campus created by HHMI, probes fundamental biomedical questions that require creativity and intellectual courage and are best addressed through a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach. Janelia Farm nurtures the direct conduct of science by providing resident and visiting scientist with resources, independence and freedom in a stimulating environment that extends HHMI’s commitment to research and discovery. The Graphics Package developed by D|G Studios addressed a comprehensive site, exterior and interior signage program. The site is over 280 acres and includes laboratories, conference centers and residential housing including meeting rooms, social gathering spaces and a fitness center. There were also administrative spaces and offices, as well as circulation pathways and spines that were all addressed in the package.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Rafael Vinoly Architects PC

Bunting Graphics