St. Lukes Hospital exterior
St. Lukes Hospital gift shop
St. Lukes Hospital glass detail
St. Lukes Hospital hallway sign
St. Lukes Hospital lobby detail
St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital at the Vintage

Houston, Texas
St. Luke's Hospital at The Vintage is a 106-bed, 212,000 square foot, full-service hospital and Emergency Center that provides the St. Luke's Episcopal Health System's unique brand of "Faithful, Loving Care" in a compassionate healing environment.

D|G Studios worked closely with the architect/client team to develop comprehensive exterior and interior signage and wayfinding for the campus, including branded graphics. The challenge in executing the building mounted logo was to preserve the integrity of the cruciform while still illuminating the sign for nighttime viewing. A combination of reverse channel halo-illumination and push-through acrylic accomplished this very elegantly.

St. Lukes Episcopal Hospital

Earl Swenssen Architects

National Signs, Inc. (exterior)
NEC Signs and Products (interior)

Michael Peck