Chelsea Piers facade illustration
Chelsea Piers facade illustration
Chelsea Piers banners
Chelsea Piers chair details
Chelsea Piers

New York, New York
The opening of the Chelsea Piers, 1910, was marked with a ribbon cutting and speeches after 30 long years of talk and 8 years of construction. For the next 50 years, the Chelsea Piers served the needs of the New York port: first, as a passenger ship terminal; then as an embarkation point for soldiers departing for the battlefields of World Wars I and II; and finally, up to the early 1960s, as a cargo terminal. After that, the Chelsea Piers became a neglected maritime relic. The Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex brought to new life into the 85-year old site by developing a one-of-a-king multi-level sporting complex. D|G Studios provided comprehensive identity development and environmental graphics and wayfinding Design services including developing the Complex's main identity and individual logos for all of the sporting venues. D|G Studios also produced the graphics and wayfinding system used throughout the exterior and interior of the complex.

Chelsea Piers Management